Tyreek Hill talks about Fallout with Chiefs


In the offseason, no one could have imagined that the Chiefs would play six-time pro bowler Tyreek Hill. But that’s really what happened, and now Hill finds himself showing off his talents in South Beach.

In a recent installment of Hill’s podcast, “It Had to Be Said,” he was quick to talk about his frustration with how the team is using him.

And maybe the clues were there all the time.

“If teams are going to give us favorable one—on-one matches against their best cornerback, I don’t understand why teams don’t use their best receiver,” Hill explained. “And that’s probably where me and The Chiefs broke up right away. When I’m like, “Hey, I don’t want to talk or be a diva in some situation, but can I see a pill sometime, please?” Just give me the ball, please.”

Tyreek’s agent, Drew Rosenhouse, also appeared on the air, talking about how Davante Adams’ deal with the Raiders affected negotiations with Kansas City.

“If they didn’t want to make such a deal, we would have made a blockbuster deal with them,” Rosenhaus said. “I told them straight out that I felt I could talk to teams all over the league and bring a bunch… bring a lot of compensation. And I think the managers initially wanted to challenge us and see what we can get from other teams under contract and what we can also get in terms of remuneration.”

Hill eventually signed a four-year, $120 million contract with the Dolphins as part of the deal.

Miami will be hoping Cheetah is worth every penny as they try to give Tua Tagovailoa every chance of success.