Tyler Perry Shares Thoughtful Comments about the Movie He’s Been Waiting 27 Years to Make


The journey of “Jazzman Blues” to the big screen has been a two-decade battle for Tyler Perry as he talked about decades of waiting to make a Netflix movie. Perry has been incredibly outspoken about the stigma he still faces in Hollywood, which has led to him taking on unknown actors in the lead roles. Despite the uphill battle, Perry finally managed to pull off a historical drama with Netflix. Finally, after seeing his favorite project come to life, the media mogul shared some thoughtful comments about the film.

The star of “Madea’s Homecoming” decided to show the fruits of his 27-year journey by presenting the official trailer of the historical drama. It looks like viewers will see a different side of the director, as the film focuses on a pair of star-crossed lovers who struggle to be together as class and race loom over their relationship in the 1940s. You can watch the heartbreaking saga in the A Jazzman’s Blue trailer below.

After seeing the full trailer, you’ll understand why Tyler Perry worked hard to create a 1940s period drama for two decades. The mix of social issues and romantic melodrama is a big departure from Perry’s excessive films about Madea. The media mogul couldn’t hide his pride that his dream project was finally seen when he jumped into his Instagram account. Speaking about the Netflix movie, Perry spoke about the audience finally seeing his favorite thing.

I wrote this 27 years ago and can finally show it to the world. This is my new movie “Jazzman’s Blues”. I can’t wait for you to see it on @netflix on September 23. Here’s the trailer. That’s not all.

It seemed that in the future the audience is waiting for something more from A Jazzman’s Blue. Having waited 27 years to release this film, Tyler Perry seems to want to show the audience his every look before it officially premieres at the 47th Toronto Film Festival. Perry may have more up his sleeve as the drama nears its September 23 release date.

Recently, the “Don’t Look Up” actor has been rising after the construction of his studio complex. Tyler Perry has been open in building his career by courting a black audience and securing ownership. Perry believes that Hollywood underestimates him as a battery in his back, so “Jazzman’s Blues” became a triumph for him. He even talked about paying the late Cicely Tyson a million dollars for a day of work on his 2007 film “Why did I Get Married?”.

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