Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line Goes Solo: Bandmates Aren’t Always in the Same Season of Life


On different pages? Amid rumors that Florida Georgia Line may be ready to part ways, one of the founders of the group, Tyler Hubbard, openly discussed the possibility of a solo career.

Has the Florida-Georgia line split? Tyler Hubbard, Timeline of Brian Kelly’s Portal.

“I think [personal expression] is definitely part of it. But also, you mentioned that you’re under the auspices of a band or brand, it kind of puts you in an awkward position and you can’t go too deep personally,” Hubbard, 35, said during an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Storme Warren. The show is on Wednesday, June 22. “So you can communicate with the fans, but you can only go so deep because you have respect and you want to understand that, you know, maybe you and your bandmates aren’t all on the same thing. the season of life, and you can’t.”

He continued, “You know, you don’t want it to be too personal. So, it really allows us to shed another layer of the onion and say, “Hey guys, this is even more about who I am, and welcome to my childhood, and welcome to my struggle, and welcome to my life and my family.” well, you know, so it allows us to just go deeper, which I think after 10 years of just being able to go that deep, I just think it’s extremely healthy and energizing.”

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The Georgia native co-founded a country band with Brian Kelly in 2010. Despite five popular studio albums and countless awards in the music industry, the duo hit the headlines in 2020 when Hubbard and his wife Hayley Hubbard unsubscribed from the 36-year-old Florida native.

“We had a 10-year relationship, a 10-year partnership, a 10-year commitment to each other. And yes, there were difficult times,” Tyler said during an interview with the SiriusXM podcast “Exit 209 With Storme Warren” in November 2020, noting that he had unsubscribed from his bandmate due to political differences amid the presidential election. “It’s not all embellished. So the truth is, and I think it’s important to talk about it, BC and I have done a job.”

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He continued: “We went to therapy, we sat with each other and from time to time we wanted to kill each other. But by the end we hugged. If you know what I mean? Because we are brothers, and that’s what brothers do. And brothers don’t always get along.

While Tyler and Brian continued to release new music together, they sparked breakup rumors after hinting that their concert tour this year would lead to a hiatus.

“After that, I don’t really know what the plan is,” Brian, who released his solo album Sunshine State Of Mind last year, admitted during a May appearance on Florida radio station 99.5 QYK. “I don’t understand. After all, we are brothers, so we will always have each other’s back and support, and that’s how it should be.”