Tyler Cameron tells how Paige Lorenz broke up a few weeks after the relationship was made public: “We had to take a step back”


The whirlwind is over. Tyler Cameron has revealed that he and his girlfriend Paige Lorenz broke up a few weeks after the couple made their romance public.

Timeline of Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorentze’s relationship

The 29-year-old Bachelorette graduate confirmed the breakup on Monday, August 8, on the episode of E! News’ Daily Pop after guest host Loni Love asked about the duo’s recent date on a boat. “I’ll tell you what, Loni, we just needed to take a step back,” Cameron said. “It was the wrong time… We’re back [to], you know, not dating anymore, just going about our business right now. We both have a lot of respect and love for each other, but now is not the right time for both of us.”

Love, 51, was speechless after Cameron teased, “I had to break the news to Loni.” When asked to clarify if he was married, the Florida native confirmed: “Absolutely.”

Us Weekly confirmed on July 9 that the contractor is dating 24-year-old Lorenza after his breakup with Camila Kendra last year. “It’s still a novelty,” the source explained at the time. “They’re keeping it a secret.”

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Later, the couple was spotted on a PDA in New York, before the model shared how the author of the book “You Deserve Better” helps her cook dinner through her TikTok account. “Everyone is here for the presentation, but only to ask why you used the glass to make the dressing,” one of the subscribers teased in the comments, to which Lorenz replied: “An away game, cooking in a men’s apartment. [I] have to improvise, lol.”

Cameron continued to admire his “incredible” girlfriend during an exclusive interview with Us on July 24. “She’s really special and we’ll see what happens,” the former ABC character said, noting that he and Lorenze were still “learning a lot about each other” at that point in their romance.

The duo met at a bar in New York. “It’s all about energy,— Cameron explained. “And some people just move me in a different way, that’s how it happens.”

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Before falling in love with a Wake Forest University graduate, Lorenza was briefly involved with country singer Morgan Wallen. Cameron, for his part, broke up with Kendra in August 2021 after less than one year of marriage. He previously dated Gigi Hadid after finishing the 15th season of Hannah Brown’s “Bachelorette Party”, taking second place.

Although he told Us earlier this year that he was trying to “catch his breath” after his romantic ups and downs, Cameron joked in July that slow motion wasn’t his strong suit. “I don’t care about that. I’m still trying to learn it now,” he told us at the time. “My problem is that in everything I do in my life — dating, training, goals — I just press the gas pedal. And so the revs are off the scale, and the engine is blowing or exploding something. I have to figure out how to lean a little off the gas pedal. I’m a lover. I love to love and I love being around people and seeing where things are going… I’m just excited.”


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