Tyler Cameron Reveals How He Met the “really special” Paige Lorenz: “She’s an incredible girl”


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Blushing former bachelorette party participant! Tyler Cameron is no longer on the market, and he talks about Paige Lorenz’s new love.

Timeline of Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorentze’s relationship

“It’s new because we’re learning a lot about each other and she’s an incredible girl,” the 29—year-old reality star exclusively told Us Weekly while supporting the “Not Done Yet Marathon” Degree team after the San Francisco marathon. on Sunday, July 24. “She’s really special, and we’ll see what happens.”

Cameron told Us that he met the 24-year-old social media star at a bar in New York.

“It’s all about energy. And some people just touch me in a different way, that’s how it happens,” he added.

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The general contractor has been publicly linked to Lorenz since the beginning of the summer, having made their relationship public earlier this month. Cameron previously told us that in recent years he has learned that he needs to remember that “it’s possible to slow down” when it comes to his romantic endeavors — something he still struggles with.

“I don’t care about that. I’m trying to figure it out now,” he told us on Sunday. “My problem is that in everything I do in my life — dating, training, goals — I just press the gas pedal. And so the revs are off the scale, and the engine is blowing or exploding something. I have to figure out how to lean a little away from the gas pedal. I’m a lover. I love to love and I love being around people and seeing where things are going… I’m just excited.”

Lorenza was not around when Us caught up with Cameron in San Francisco, where he congratulated three runners – Sagira Ahmed Norris (she has multiple sclerosis), Michael Zampella (suffering from a degenerative eye disease) and Ashley Circl (who had to withdraw from the competition). from her last marathon while recovering for donating a kidney to a stranger), with whom he worked before their second chance to run 26.2 miles.

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“Degree has created a team called “Not Done Yet”, which includes runners who failed in their first attempt to run a marathon. It’s about getting them back on the starting line,” Cameron told us. “[Degree] donated $50,000 to the Achilles Foundation, which is a really cool foundation that also helps people get on the starting line. For example, Mike has vision problems, so they hired him a guy who will run with him. The whole point is to make the world of running inclusive, it’s a really cool foundation. When I heard about this opportunity and the stories of these people, Mike, Sagira and Ashley inspired me to what they went through and what they did.”

Cameron continued, “We’ve had calls. I would tell them where I screwed up and also did well in marathons [I ran]. What to do and not bring it to this. And, probably, it helped, because all three finished! We are all finishers. It’s an amazing feat to run a marathon. …I think the message [about] “not done yet” is important and powerful. And if they can get through what they’ve been through, we can get through a lot.”


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