TXT’s Yeonjun Drives MOA Crazy With Cute Bunny Costume: “It fits any style”


At a recent music show, Yeonjun from TXT won the hearts of the audience with his charming rabbit costume!

That’s what the MOA say.

A real human rabbit? TXT Yejun melted hearts with his rabbit costume

On January 8, Yejun from TXT demonstrated his skills as a music show host. The TXT member graced Inkigayo with his presence as a regular MC member.

With his recent appearance, he attracted attention not only with his charisma, but also with his charming outfit.

On Twitter, the official TXT account published a series of photos of Yeonjun in a rabbit costume! He showed off an outfit — a pair of rabbit ears and a comfortable sweater.

To wrap it up, he put on a cotton ball tail, which completes the charming outfit. He even painted his cheeks with blush, adding attractiveness!

Moreover, Yeonjun knows that this is the year of the rabbit, and most likely marked the first episode of Inkigayo this year with a cute act.

MOA quickly noticed his amazing trick when they flocked to the post and expressed how cute Yeonjun was in this outfit.

They even wondered how Yeonjun could change his style from mysterious to cute rabbit, praising his flexibility!

  • “Choi Yeonjoon, what should I do if you even look like a bunny style. The hare’s tail is driving me crazy.”
  • “Rabbit’s outfit is also important, but Yeonjun also did a damn good job of challenging Any Song.”
  • “He was a rabbit man today, honey.
  • ” “I like him so much, it’s crazy. Please stay the host for a long time.”
  • “Yeonjun has been so sweet this week. I think soft styles like this suit him very well. And his straight hair was also beautiful. The rabbit tiara and the pom-pom on his trousers were so cute. It fits any style. When you smile, I feel warm. I want their faces to always smile like that.”

MOA also took to Twitter and expressed their admiration for Yeongjun’s costume:


TXT released an exciting concept teaser for “Daydream”

From other news: TXT is now preparing for its first comeback in 2023. The band has released a series of dreamy photos in which the members wander through the sun-drenched forest. The concept photos are taken from their theme “Daydream”, in which there are unearthly vibrations and elements of fantasy.

Following the photos, HYBE Labels released a video teaser titled “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION Concept Clip “Daydream”.

Watch the full teaser here!

Did you like Yeongjun’s fluffy costume? Tell us in the comments below!


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