TXT’s Yeonjun Celebrated His Emotional Birthday With Idol Group


TXT’s Yeonjun was present at the celebration for Yeonjun, the idol reconnected with MOA. The gestures of affection for Yeonjun reached the heart of this idol of TXT, the fans and his fellow members of the group made this an unforgettable birthday.

The Magic performer held a live broadcast to greet his fans and thank them for all the love he received in honor of this special day, but all the members of Tomorrow X Together joined the party and joy took over the place.

We saw Beomgyu taking his place in front of the camera and singing happy birthday to Yeonjun , but before he could blow out the candles on the cake the birthday boy covered his face and made his wish quickly.

The TXT members prepared video messages to celebrate him and let him know how grateful they are for him, as having him on the team gives them great strength and he is always a good hyung for them, so they hope they can stay this way for long time and be enjoying your incomparable connection.


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The singer received a Thanos glove as a gift and the boys revealed that Hueningkai was the one who bought it with his own money, so Yeonjun was surprised and thanked him for the sweet gesture.

This guy was touched because many people congratulated him meet another year of life, not only fans but also his fellow group , his family and even members of the staff working with them.

He also said that he received many gifts and even went to eat ice cream with the choreography teachers, so it was a very special and unforgettable day.