TXT’s Taehyun radically changes his look


MOA was excited about TXT’s new Taehyun hair color. TXT’s Taehyun shared incredible moments with him fans through the V Live app, the Big Hit Entertainment singer made a 40-minute online broadcast to interact with MOA.

In the video, Taehyun wore several cute hats, one for a hen and one for a chick, but despite hiding him hair, it was very evident that the idol had changed him look and now he has pink hair.

Taehyun made him fans choose their favorite TXT songs, among him repertoire the ones chosen were the tracks of: ‘DRAMA’ from him most recent album, ‘Cat and Dog’ from him first album and ‘Magic Island’.

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The idol revealed one of his hidden talents, as he commented that he can feel the weather when he gets up, if it is wet or dry thanks to his nose and throat, Taehyun is very sensitive to the changes of the weather.

To close him broadcast, Taehyun posed in front of him fans to take screenshots and serve as him inspiration, the images of the Tomorrow x Together member fell in love with him fans.

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