TXT’s Soobin dazzled in his second week as an MC …


Soobin demonstrated his potential as an MC on the weekly music show. Last week, a new stage for the KBS Music Bank show kicked off. The show welcomed TXT’s Soobin and Oh My Girl’s Arin as the new permanent MCs to direct the show, and the talents of both have been present.

In the second week of this duo, they wore blue and white airplane pilot outfits, showing off a spectacular image. Soobin’s personality managed to stand out and received a lot of encouragement from his fans, who are happy to see him every week playing this role.

Soobin admitted that during the previous days he was able to see his participation in the previous show and, as he is willing to improve his performance, he performed pronunciation exercises to fulfill his role as MC more easily.

This week, Soobin and Arin met with great K-Pop stars during the show, but it was Soobin’s interaction with Jessi and ATEEZ that stole the attention of MOA.

TXT fans celebrated the good performance of this idol by sending him a message of recognition and admiration, but also motivating him to continue giving everything of himself, for this they used the hashtag #FridayWithMCSoobin.

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