TXT will remember the summer with We Lost the Summer


TXT is set for the B Side premiere of their album “Minisode 1: Blue Hour” and they have already revealed the first preview of their new song.

The K-pop group from BigHit Entertainment made a huge comeback with their new album, which registered more than 400 pre-orders before its release. The Blue Hour MV already has more than 23 million views on YouTube and the guys are getting ready to show MOA a new side.

Through their official social networks, TXT revealed the teaser for “We Lost The Summer”, their new song, which will be part of the promotions for the B Side of “Minisode 1: Blue Hour”, the comeback is scheduled to take place this November 13, only 4 days left to see the new K-pop group.

MOA shared messages of support after releasing the first glimpse of the MV, which maintains the same concept as “Blue Hour”, only that it shows the boys in an apparently school aspect, where friendship and good times between friends will be the protagonists, Furthermore, Yeonjun stole the glances thanks to his look.


The video, which is only 36 seconds long, already has almost half a million views on YouTube. The first scenes show the boys from their homes, as they connect for a group video call. They all wear very colorful and youthful outfits.

After finishing the chat, the scenes transition to show the arrival of winter, a cell phone appears on the snow while playing videos of what appears to have been TXT’s summer vacation. Each of the members enjoys different activities, from putting together puzzles, flying a drone and taking selfies in the mirrors.

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Yeonjun fell in love with MOA after the teaser was revealed, as the idol wore pastel pink hair with blue highlights, but what caused the euphoria was his temporary tattoos, as he adopted a badboy image for the new MV. On his neck he had the words “Blue Hour” and other designs on his arms and chest.

In the end, the boys seem to meet again in the middle of a school cafeteria, recalling the moments they created together last summer that was already lost.


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