TXT will be part of the OST of the anime Black Clover


TXT will make its debut in the anime with “Everlasting Shine”, song that was chosen for the OST of “Black Clover”. The boys have been very successful since their debut and are preparing for their Japanese comeback on August 19, their new song was chosen for this manga and anime that have become very popular in Japan and internationally, we will tell you the details.

Through some Japanese media, it was announced that TXT will be part of the “Black Clover” OST with its first original song in that language. “Everlasting Shine” is him first Japanese single, in addition to the covers of him previous albums.

This project is a great boost for his career, since “Black Clover” has become very popular, the story is of the shonen genre and tells the story of a poor boy who lives with his best friend on the shores of Pueblo Trébol, in a world where everyone has magical gifts, the protagonist Asta is the only one who lacks those powers.


However, due to the confrontation of him best friend, Asta summons the clover of 5 children, a powerful and strange grimoire that allows him to destroy any magical power. The plot has unleashed theories between MOA, who believe that TXT has a connection to the anime and its MV’S, coincidence?

The OST will premiere on September 1. The group will make their comeback with “Drama”, their second Japanese album. Fans have shared messages of support and congratulations for the boys, as they believe it will be a good promotion for them.

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Apparently, with this project, TXT takes up the concept of the video games they made with their debut in the Japanese country. Are you ready to discover a new universe?


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