TXT unleashes MOA theories with Blue Hour teaser


Boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER is preparing to dazzle their fans with their musical comeback, the company band Big Hit Entertainment revealed a new teaser for ‘Blue Hour’ and the clip is when many questions to MOA. What clues does the group’s new preview contain?

Huening Kai, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Soobin and Taehyun are ready for their comeback, the Korean pop singers and rappers are preparing the last details of their long-awaited comeback with the record material ‘Minisode 1: Blue Hour’.

The 5 idols have shared the advances of their new musical project, such as teasers, videos and photographs that are characterized by being full of keys that would answer the questions of their fans.

Each of the TXT members have already released their teasers and the clips have different concepts, styles and meanings, so the comeback of the ‘Shampoo Fairy’ performers is very interesting for the audience.

A few hours ago, the first official teaser for ‘Blue Hour’ was published through YouTube, which not only unleashed the excitement of MOA, the followers began to analyze the clip, raising thousands of theories about its possible meaning.


The first group teaser of ‘Blue Hour’ has a duration of 37 seconds and begins with the characteristic intro of the entertainment company Big Hit, later the boys of TXT appear in a peaceful place, where the birds sing and the colors can be heard They go in the range of blue, pink, orange and purple.

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Some scenes later, the members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER are seen laying on the grass, dressed in white and hanging out with each other. The video unleashed the theories of MOA, who took to their social networks and commented on their first impressions of the clip.

Users believe that in the TXT universe, idols are no longer in this plane, that is why the place looks so radiant and peaceful, while others believe that the setting refers to twilight and the teaser would be connected with the song ‘Cat & Dog ‘. Which theory convinces you the most?

MOA can now support their favorite artists with the special TXT emojis, on Twitter the symbols of each of the band members have already been launched for social media users to interact with: #BlueHour, #TXT_BEOMGYU, #TXT_SOOBIN, #TXT_YEONJUN, #TXT_TAEHYUN and #TXT_HUENINGKAI.

TXT’s Yeonjun recently conquered fans with his bold makeover, the Big Hit Entertainment idol undergoing a radical transformation to adapt his style to his upcoming comeback.


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