TXT: Soobin Scares Beomgyu With Squid Game Spoilers


TXT shares a beautiful friendship that fans love, but what happens when there are spoilers for the series they are watching? Tomorrow X Together idols also enjoyed the Netflix drama and Soobin shared his feelings.

Recently some of the idols in this group met with fans on a live broadcast, Beomgyu and Soobin were able to chat, read MOA comments, and update them on what they are doing these days so everyone had a good time.

Or at least it was until dangerous spoilers took over the place and the reactions were so hilarious that they left their mark on TXT fans .

It all started because the members of Tomorrow X Together revealed that they were watching Squid Game , a new Netflix original series that is sparking interest around the world.


The suspense series tells the story of several people who join a game that appears to be childish but is actually putting their lives at risk. The exciting episodes have kept fans in the loop since the beginning, and the guys at TXT were no exception.

However, it seems that everyone is enjoying this show at their own pace, as when Soobin mentioned that a moment in the drama made his heartache, Beomgyu reacted by trying to avoid the spoiler.

They both started screaming in front of the camera, one of them because of the feelings he experienced watching the aforementioned episode and the other because he did not want to hear anything about these advances that could ruin the experience, or was it not to spoil the fans?


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