TXT shows its wild side in PUMA, its new MV


TXT releases the official video of ‘Puma’ with a darker concept.

‘Puma’ is the second promotional track for the band’s latest album, ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’, which was released on May 18 of this year, as was the video for ‘Can’t You See Me’ , the main single.

A few days ago, the guys from TXT published the teasers for this premiere of the video for ‘Puma’, this is a song that makes up the CD ‘ETERNITY’, the third chapter of the ‘The Dream Chapter’ saga.

The video for uma Puma ’is completely different from what the TXT guys have shown MOA, because in their previous music clips, the Big Hit Entertainment idols showed themselves in sweeter, more tender and colorful facets.


In the ‘Puma’ MV, Hueningkai, Soobin, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, and Taehyun showed off their fiercest side, with a darker aura, bolder outfits, and shocking choreography recreating some movements of various wild animals.

‘Puma’ is a message that the members of TXT wanted to send to all their fans, the lyrics of the song talks about following your dreams no matter what comments or doubts people have about you.

MOA made a hashtag #PUMA, where they shared all their opinions about this new Tomorrow x Together video and took advantage to celebrate all the achievements that the group has achieved with ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’.



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