TXT shares an emotional cover of Shawn Mendes


TXT shares an emotional cover of Shawn Mendes. The boys’ performance shocked MOA and sparked rumors as to whether it is a hidden message.

The boys of Tomorrow x Together shared through their YouTube account the melody of the popular song by Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, it is ‘In My Blood’ a song where the feeling of the interpretation overflows and reflects the feelings narrated by the lyrics.

Fans of the group were amazed at the voices of the TXT boys singing entirely in English, the melody, which is a soft ballad, evolves into a musical piece full of emotional power.

All the members again demonstrated their vocal skills through this cover, so their fans have enjoyed this performance placing the song as one of their favorites.

But in addition, MOA has related this interpretation of the Shawn Mendes song as a possible message, some think that the lyrics reflect what they had to go through while they were still trainees, while others consider that they are possibly trying to express the fear they feel of let their fans leave them behind.

Listen to the full cover of In My Blood:

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