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The TXT members revealed which of their peers would be a better boyfriend. When idols are chosen to be part of a group, they begin to spend much of their time together.

Between colleagues’ talks, practice time and the pursuit of the same dream, TXT members have managed to become close and know each other better than anyone.

For this reason, a fan decided to present TXT members with a fun imaginary scenario where they questioned them, if they were girls, with whom of their peers in the group they would date.

Can you imagine what her responses were? Because they have lived together for a long time, these boys know the qualities of each of the members of the group, so they revealed their answer. Read on and find out what each of the TXT members said.


This idol made sure that no one else around could hear him and told the fan that if she is a girl, she thinks the best option for a date would be Yeonjun.


The closeness between Hueningkai and Soobin came to the fore when this idol was questioned about which of his peers he would date if he were a girl. These idols have become great friends, so after considering him for a while, Hueningkai chose the handsome Soobin.



Taehyun reflected on the question and then replied that, in case of being a girl and having to choose among the TXT members the best option as a boyfriend, undoubtedly the chosen one would be himself. LOL!

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Given the scenario chosen by the fan, Beomgyu decided that none of his companions would be compatible with his female version, so he chose not to go out with any of them. UPS!

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For his part, Yeonjun chose Beomgyu as the member he would date, since this idol manages to infect him with his joy and also always looks confident.

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