TXT reveals the first teasers for Eternally, their next MV


The group prepares for a new musical release with Eternally. TXT is gearing up for a new release of “’The Dream Chapter: Eternity” and they have released the first teasers for “Eternally”, their new song.

More than a month ago the group made their comeback and after the success achieved, they continue to promote their album with various singles to show various musical facets, MOA will have a new surprise before the end of the month.

Through BigHit’s Twitter account, the group revealed early sneak peeks for “Eternally,” the new MV for the “’The Dream Chapter: Eternity” era. Apparently, the new concept they will handle will reveal beings from another planet or dimensions.

In “Puma” they revealed their dark side, but now they will bet on anime-like animation for their new song. In the first two teasers, Yeonjun and Soobin are shown, who are personified as a kind of elf and demon.

The clips show an environment in the middle of a storm and in the dark of the night, where the idols seem lost and looking around. The launch of “Eternally” will take place on June 29.

This will be the third single with which they will promote “’The Dream Chapter: Eternity”. The BigHit modality seems to have the intention of making different releases to increase the promotion of the albums.

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After the publication of the teasers, MOA has already begun to share the first theories, apparently, “Eternally” will be related to old MVs of the group, in addition, the drawings seem to be taken from an anime.

In just 3 days you can listen to the new TXT, who will end the month of June with new theories and lots of music.

The boys already released “Can´t you see me? And” Puma “, singles from their album ‘The Dream Chapter: Eternity’, in which they show their evolution as a group, leaving aside the cute era to reveal the dark side of his songs and choreography.


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