TXT reveals teaser for songs from The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY


The idol group TXT presented a preview of the songs for their new album through a video.

TXT’s new album is just a few days from release, so Big Hit Entertainment has provided different content to increase the excitement of MOAs , this time a video was released that brings together a spoiler for each of the songs included in The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, causing a good reaction from fans.

TXT fans are looking forward to the new release of this idol group and to lighten the wait, they have already been able to hear part of what this album will be. With a video of around two minutes, the group announced how each of the melodies they prepared for this comeback will be heard .


This clip starts with images of the TXT boys with night scenes while we listen to the verse ‘See me, can’t you see me?’, But the concept in the images changes immediately showing black and white scenes, when a new melody begins , the concept in the video is also transformed.

So we come to scenes that show gestures of friendship between members, such as uniting the little fingers as a sign of promise. Likewise, we see moments filmed inside a school bus, something that had been shown in past teasers and, to complement, small parts of the video are also included for the main song, ‘Can’t you see me’.

The different styles that TXT uses during this video clip, accompany the sound of songs like Maze in the mirror, Fairy of shampoo, PUMA, Eternally, Drama and Can’t you see me, as well as the credits of these melodies , where he called the attention that Maze in the mirror is written by all the members of the group.

The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY premieres on May 18 and, previously, TXT shared some teasers of what fans will be able to see in the video of the promotional song that they will present during this comeback.



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