TXT reveals first teasers for Minisode1


TXT revealed the first teasers for their comeback with the album “Minisode1: Blue Hour”, the idols wore incredible youth outfits.

BigHit’s group is ready to go on a new magic journey with MOA, the boys have been preparing to make their new comeback with a youthful and fresh concept, so they revealed the first previews of their new album, the individual photos. for “Minisode1: Blue Hour” they fell in love with MOA.

Through the networks and the official site of BigHit, TXT released the first individual teasers for “Minisode1: Blue Hour”, their new album. The comeback is scheduled to take place on October 26, the boys will celebrate Halloween in advance and show a much more youthful side.

The album will have 3 versions, one of them is titled “R”, the K-pop group has already shown the first photos for this concept, which deals with the life of an ordinary boy, pastel colors, cell phones and with a A style that fuses geek, vintage decoration and the 90s, MOA fell in love with the outfits of each of the members.


The first photos show the boys in their rooms, full of stickers, decorations and retro elements, each of them took different selfies that are part of the teasers, which were published in a kind of template for cell phones, as it imitates the gallery of a phone, the group described their title track as a fun and comfortable listening single.

Taehyun wore an outfit of jeans, a black T-shirt, and a plaid shirt, which gave him a serious, really handsome boy look. Beomgyu also wore the same shirt as his partner, both with a smiley face that was fashionable in the 90s. His outfit consisted of a cap, a denim jacket, and a high-necked shirt.

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Yeonjun was the one who unleashed the euphoria of MOA, as the idol modeled with a sleeveless top that exposed his shoulders, but also a white crop top that stole the sighs of the fans, the light colors contrasted with his pale pink hair. Soobin decided to dye his hair blue and wear a colorful sweater made of sequins, as well as a white shirt with the same logo as the others.

Finally, Hueningkai wore an adorable denim overalls and white t-shirt. MOA showed their support for the boys through social networks and shared messages about your outfits, because they looked incredible, there are still 2 conceptual versions to be revealed.


BTS also announced their new projects, including their collaboration with Jason Derulo for the remix of Savage Love.


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