TXT releases the second teaser for Can’t You See Me, their new song


The new teaser for the TXT video showed a new facet of the group for this comeback.

The Big Hit Entertainment group is just days away from having their long-awaited comeback with the album The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY , for which they will promote the single Can’t You See Me . The video for this song will be revealed very soon, and in the meantime, the group has shared the second teaser to thrill fans for the premiere.

In this excerpt from the music video, we can see the boys from TXT showing a new facet through a darker concept. They present part of the group choreography while wearing outfits where the color black predominates and at the same time we see a house behind them that is on fire.

An interesting transition occurs and leads us to another view of the same stage, the house looks normal at dusk and is lit from the inside. The TXT boys are there but now they dance while wearing light colored clothing.

The lyrics we hear as part of the Can’t You See Me tune tells us a lot about this story, which reinforces previous teasers that the group and Big Hit have shared:

“Sad sad. Bring me back to your side, save me. You can not see me? As on a magical day, say what you believe. My friends don’t understand me anymore, can’t you see me? My friends don’t understand me anymore.”

During previous teasers , a separation and the emotions that this generates have been described . Feeling isolated and with no one to turn to because, without realizing it, the relationship with those around you has suddenly changed. Are you excited by the TXT comeback ?

Check out the second teaser for Can’t You See Me below:


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