TXT premieres We Lost the Summer


The era of Minisode 1: Blue Hour is not over yet, the guys from TXT showed some of the effects of the quarantine in the video for We Lost The Summer.

Today is a good day for MOA because Tomorrow X Together prepared big surprises for the fans. The new idol video shows a brief glimpse into what the world went through in the most recent months, We Lost the Summer posed a scenario that many students will relate to.

This is the music video for the song B-side from this era of the group. So it also shows a different image and story from the one posed in the album’s title track.


The music video begins with the five members of the group standing in front of a bathroom mirror and taking a mirror selfie. The outfit of the idols indicates that it is a moment situated while they were at school, but a twist in the narrative leads us to observe them connecting to a video call.

The lyrics to We Lost The Summer talk about all the things they enjoyed at school with a special person, from soccer practices, when they shared music and even time inside the classrooms, but now everything has changed and when they watch to the past they cannot help but remember it with nostalgia.

That is why in the MV he alternates scenes of the idols within the school and in their respective bedrooms as they communicate and look for something to keep busy.

The song not only reflects the deterioration of a relationship, but also perfectly describes what many students experienced in recent months while schools and other places of interest are closed to take care of everyone’s health, since it is difficult to meet with the people who lived together daily.

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