TXT premieres colorful MV for Blue Hour, their new song


Tomorrow X Together has started a new era in their music career with the premiere of the mini album Minisode 1 and the video for Blue Hour.

The surprises for MOA continue during this 2020, the boys of TXT prepared a new record material and have just released the video of the main song to promote this album. We tell you all about the MV for Blue Hour.

The video begins in a place where autumn has gathered momentum, the members of Tomorrow X Together are on a tree with dry leaves looking towards an amusement park and then they go towards this stage, showing us dance steps and looks in pastel tones.

A light-filled carousel is the main site for the beginning of the Blue Hour MV, but then we see that this stage is set high above and the TXT members jump from there to meet the colorful clouds.

Places full of magic and fantasy create a unique atmosphere for the music video, where the guys from Tomorrow X Together showed very different looks and outfits that surprised their fans.


The melody is made up of retro elements that give us a disco vibe, the song is upbeat and will give you hope, but the lyrics will be another reason to love it.

Blue Hour recounts how a relationship that seemed close is transformed until the people involved may seem strangers, however, the guys from TXT describe that they still feel the same way as before, so they hope they can regain the connection with the person who is far away now.

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