TXT: MOA Makes Soobin Cry By Showing His Most Sensitive Side


Soobin is a great idol and MOA knows it, why did a fan cause the leader of TXT to cry? TXT is an amazing band and under Soobin’s leadership, idols have been steadily moving along the way, their MOA fandom loves and admires them, why did a fan make Soobin cry?

Tomorrow X Together has become one of the most relevant K-Pop bands of its generation, the idols have great support from their fans who do not stop showing all their love and admiration for the boy band; Since their debut, all the members have worked hard to win the hearts of the public.

Soobin is the leader of TXT and although he is very young, he has managed to lead his group on an excellent path, he has been hard-working and committed; in addition to always listening to its members, having a great attitude, and being as close as possible to MOA, the band’s fanbase that would never stop supporting him.

Due to the release of ‘The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT or ESCAPE’, TXT may be even closer to MOA through fancalls and one of these was where a fan-made Soobin cry, how did it happen?


During a video call for FIGHT or ESCAPE promotions, MOA was able to say everything he had for the TXT idols and the fan shared his fancalls with the idols through Twitter; he opened his heart and told Soobin everything he felt, something that moved the idol immensely.

“What I want to say is thank you for being such a good leader since your debut, I feel very lucky to meet you; I love that you are such a mature leader despite your young age. That you always put others first is very attractive and thank you for protect the members and MOA; I hope Soobin doesn’t keep everything to himself because me and MOA will always be by his side. All you have to do is stay happy and healthy, we love to see your smile, especially the cute dimples on Soobin. Please promise me that you’re going to laugh a lot and stay happy and healthy. “

MOA’s words to Soobin


MOA’s beautiful words touched Soobin a lot, so much so that he couldn’t help shedding some tears and covering his face so that it wouldn’t be so visible, but this only shows us how sensitive and beautiful he is; It’s great to see MOA show his love in this way with the leader who must carry a lot of weight at times, but with these acts, he knows that all his effort and work are worth it <3.

Fan support is always very important to idols, also to EXO’s Xiumin, for example, who recovered after being quarantined and is happy to get back with EXO-L.


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