TXT Describe Their Admiration For BTS and KARA, Excitement About The Upcoming Comeback, The Band’s Goals and Much More


The newest Esquire Korea cover stars are beautiful TXT members!

After their group and solo photo sessions, the five TXT members gave individual interviews in which they talked about the chemistry and goals of the group, their favorite idols, their upcoming mini-album and much more.

During a conversation with Bomgu, the interviewer mentioned his ability for entertainment shows, and the singer talked about his long-standing love for “2 Days & 1 Night”. He chose the chemistry of the actors with their guests as one of the best aspects of the show, which led to a discussion of the incredible teamwork of TXT.

Beomgyu shared with a laugh, “It definitely wasn’t like that from the very beginning. Since we have all become celebrities, we are all people with a strong opinion and personality. So we didn’t really get along at first. We quarreled a lot, and everyone thought they were right. For a long period of time, we continued to find the golden mean by understanding each other and showing attention. To the point where we can get along well, even if we end up together 365 days a year, like this. I think other idol teams are like that too.”

Referring to the band’s performance at Lollapalooza last summer, the interviewer asked if the performance was unnerving for people who are not TXT fans. Beomgyu replied confidently: “It really makes me feel better. In a situation full of “my people”, I stand on stage very happily, but I worry in situations like festivals or when there are more representatives of the general public. This means that there is an opportunity to make these people “your people”. I’m getting more motivated and feeling really good.”

Beomgyu added sweetly, “I’m so proud of my members. I think the moment when I feel most grateful to be in TXT is when we create a performance together.”

While watching the iconic KARA reunion at the MAMA Awards 2022 ceremony, Soobin wrote a message to fans in which he said that he shed a few tears. Confirming that it wasn’t just a facial expression, Soobin explained: “I shed tears. When my members completed the story, it was misinterpreted as if I had been crying for three hours.” Subin shared: “I actually shed one or two tears. Just for a minute.”

About what caused the tears, Soobin explained: “Since I was younger, I really liked KARA. To be honest, during the heyday of KARA, I was too young, so they weren’t idols that children my age usually liked. Since my older sister was a fan of idols, she always played music shows, and naturally I began to like them. That’s why, unlike my other friends, I was the only KARA fan. I was really looking forward to this performance [MOM] and thought I had to see him no matter what, so while fixing my hair and makeup in the reception room, I ran out and watched TV in the hallway. When the first performance started, I automatically shed tears. They were my first love. The first idols that I liked.”

As the leader of TXT, Soobin was asked about his strongest side. He replied: “To be honest, I don’t think I’m the ideal leader who is firm, decisive and thinks things through. I said recently that I respect RM from BTS, but he’s seriously like that. In every aspect, the range of his thoughts is incredibly deep, and he is firmly convinced of his personal preferences and direction. I don’t think I can become such a leader. Instead, I can confidently say that I am a comfortable person. I believe that, at least for my members, I am the one they feel most comfortable with, who makes their thoughts open up just by talking.”

Regarding the group’s current goal, Subin shyly and humbly shared, “It’s too big a goal, but I think it’s a Daesang (grand prize).” The interviewer teased him for being shy, and he replied, “To be honest, even last year, if I had received this question, I would have answered something like “happiness” or “health”. it’s so hard. Since last year, their ambitions have started to grow, so now we are overwhelmed with motivation, for example: “Hey, no matter what, let’s become Daesang singers now” and “Let’s really become a group that can follow the example of BTS”.

Soobin continued: “I am very proud of this, and at the same time there is an atmosphere in which we end up working even harder. That’s why I think I came to this conclusion and said, “OK, let’s win Daesan together.” This way we can become happier and healthier.”

With the fourth anniversary of TXT approaching in March, Huening Kai was asked about the biggest changes he has experienced since the band’s debut. He replied: “If you compare yourself to when I was an intern, I grew by about 20 cm (about 7.9 inches). My personality has also calmed down a bit. I used to be a little more passive, but now I’ve become a little more active. But if I choose the biggest change of all, I think that’s my zeal. I feel more impatient now than when I tried to make my debut.”

Huening Kai comes from a family with musical inclinations, and his younger sister Huening Baiyi is promoted as a fellow idol with Kep1er. About working in the same industry as his brother, Huening Kai commented, “Seeing her at home makes me feel both charmed and happy when I run into her on radio stations. Although she probably feels the same way watching me, when I see her make cute facial expressions or behave beautifully in front of the camera, my body twists and I don’t even notice it. However, I hope she knows that I’m always cheering her on.”

Ahead of TXT’s upcoming comeback with “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION”, Huening Kai teased, “For this album, the concept clips, teasers and trailers in general have a strong fairy-tale atmosphere. The narrative that comes out in the trailer is Wendy the fairy from Peter Pan. I want to become an adult.”

When asked what he thinks is “cool,” Taehyung remarked: “The best thing about being straight junior BTS is that we see them often and very closely. Something that I most desperately felt while watching them is that there is an aura that you emit only after you have accumulated experience. Even when they don’t dance or sing, but just live their daily lives, they still look cool. I want to achieve the same composure.”

He clarified: “No matter what, I think you need a down-to-earth and warm side at the same time. If my fans find me uncomfortable after I have this aura, there’s no point. I think these two things have to coexist to really be a cool person.”

Taehyung shared his goal for 2023: “I want to present my music. I have quite a lot of music that I have written. I have a craving for music, which is not entirely satisfied with the promotions of our team. Of course, a reckless demonstration of a genre or concept that goes too well with the color of our team may be inappropriate, so I find a way to showcase my voice without disturbing the image or history of TXT. For example, I think a mixtape can be a good method. I am constantly negotiating with our agency, and we evaluate it positively. It will be good if you wait for it.”

Yejun is well known among fans as the legendary trainee of BIGHIT MUSIC, who has consistently ranked first in the ratings. He talked about how it’s not always a good thing, saying, “Although I’ve always been in first place, I’ve almost never received positive feedback, and I’ve always been tormented by the thought that I should do better because I was the first. At that time, being first meant that I could only lose,” adding that his consistent success sometimes caused him to come to a standstill.

However, Yeonjun commented positively on his nickname “Legendary Trainee BIGHIT” (“BLT”), saying, “Ultimately, it’s a nickname that I really like. Although it is true that there was pressure, it was also a driving force. If you have such a title, you can’t do anything half-heartedly. In any direction, it was a good fit for me.”

Yeonjun expressed his excitement and affection for the band’s upcoming mini-album and talked about the game in the music video, saying with a laugh, “I also think my game wasn’t that bad. However, we needed to make a new form of expression in this music video, so it was difficult. Because it was a fantastic atmosphere, it wasn’t easy… but I think the end result was beautiful, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Expanding his interest in acting, Yeonjun shared, “I had an interest. So I even tried cameos, but it’s quite difficult to play. So at the moment I decided it would be better to focus on my main job and then think about acting.”

While Yeonjun expressed a desire to expand his activities in various fields, including fashion, the singer explained that at the moment he wants to fully focus on his music career. He clarified: “My main job, as well as the area that interests me most, is, frankly, music and performances. I have a lot of greed and I am overflowing with ambition, but this is the most important thing. More than anything, these days I keep thinking, “I want to be the best in this field.”

The full photo and interview with TXT will be published in the February issue of Esquire Korea!


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