TXT debuts concept teaser for The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY


TXT members prepare for their comeback and thrill MOA with this video.

The Big Hit Entertainment group has surprised their followers with the new concept trailer for their next album , which tells us a bit of the history that we will see captured through said record material , keep reading and find out what it is about.

At the beginning of the video we listen to a piano melody while the 5 members are sitting at a round table, we see them from above and they joke and interact while doing other activities. The table has engraved rings, so we see reflected the images shown in the first trailer for The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY.

There is also a star in the center, which takes up the idea of magic , but since there are small balls and circular figures on the table, together with the traced drawings they create an appearance similar to that of a solar system.

Thanks to the camera movements we can see the TXT members in front of them , who are under a light but surrounded by darkness , so we do not know where they are.

We observe them perform different interactions while the distance between 4 of the members remains constant, but instead Soobin seems more distant from the rest each time the camera shows it. The expressions on his face also change, showing that he notices the distance and begins to feel bad about it.

This continues, until we see him only sitting at the table since the other members seem to have disappeared. The darkness grows stronger, visually representing the way his mood has been transformed.

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As the camera zooms out we see that the members did not leave, they are simply on the opposite side of the table, which has grown larger as has the distance between them. Soobin’s footsteps fail to catch up but he continues to try until he is trapped in a glass box, isolated and with no one to listen or help him.

A soft and sad melody begins to be played in the background, while the idol does not know what to deal with the difficulty he is going through, will this song be part of any of the pieces that we will hear on the next album? TXT recently revealed the trailer announcing the release of The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY , so MOAs around the world have made no secret of their excitement at preparations for this new comeback.


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