Two World Famous Players Will Be Quarantined Due To Corona Virus


While the Corona virus continues to threaten humanity, the effects of the virus spread to football. Alexis Sanches and Arturo Vidal, who will go to Chile at the end of the World Cup qualifiers, will be quarantined as they enter their country.

Corona virus, the fearful dream of 2020, continues to die. Which officially affected 121 thousand 250 people in total virus has cost the lives of 4,369 people, according to recent data. While people are trying to escape from the Corona virus in great anxiety, governments are trying to take the necessary measures to protect their country.

Scientists say that the Corona virus may not work for up to 14 days. Therefore, the top of the measures taken is to put the suspects under quarantine for 14 days. Citizens brought in from China, entered Turkey after 14 days as to whether the quarantine had been taken Corona virus related tests. Now it has been announced that this measure will be taken for two star football players.

According to the information obtained, Inter’s star Alexis Sanchez and Barcelonian Arturo Vidal will travel to their country, Chile, for World Cup qualification later this month. However, it will not be easy for star football players to enter Chile. Because Chilean Health Minister Jaime Manalich announced that these two footballers will be quarantined upon entering the country.

One of the countries most affected by the Corona virus was Italy. Ignoring this situation, Minister Manalich stated that they do not want to endanger the lives of their people, and that everyone entering Italy from Chile will be quarantined and that football players are included. Star footballers did not make any statement on the subject.


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