Two-screen LG Wing price and release date leaked


New information about the new two-screen smartphone model of the LG brand continues to emerge. Recently, details about the new LG Wing price and release date have emerged. As far as it is understood, LG is preparing to launch its new model, which offers a different design with two screens, at the price of the flagship smartphone.

LG Wing price and release date details have been announced

First of all, LG is expected to introduce its new two-screen smartphone called Wing in autumn. It is possible to introduce the new LG Wing model in September or October. However, new claims have been made about pricing. Accordingly, the new model will go on sale with a price tag of $ 1000.

The $ 1000 pricing has become the standard pricing for flagship smartphone models for now. Both the new generation iPhone models and Galaxy Note models are in the market at $ 1000. In foldable models, a pricing of more than 1000 dollars is on the agenda.

However, the LG Wing price will bear the same label as the flagship models compared to its different design. For now, unfortunately, the only mentioned detail about the LG Wing features is the 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor. It seems that new information will continue to emerge in the coming days.

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