Two Popular Crypto Sites Have Been Banned!


The Chinese government continues to maintain its tough stance on cryptocurrencies. The country has blocked two popular cryptocurrency sites.


China, whose star has not reconciled with cryptocurrencies, has added a new one to its bans. Accordingly, the government has banned users from two different websites that offer popular cryptocurrency market data analysis. According to the crypto-asset news site The Block, China’s internet firewall blocks CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko sites.

Was the blocking done proactively?

According to the search results on, which provides a service to check for censored sites in China, both sites seem to be blocked. It is unclear when both cryptocurrency sites became inaccessible. However, according to users, both sites cannot be reached since early Tuesday morning in China time.

While there is no clear information about why the Chinese government has taken such a step, it is claimed that China has not actively cut off IP access. And the interruption is claimed to be the move of China’s internet censorship agent.

Providing feedback to The Block about the situation, CoinGecko co-founder TM Lee commented, “As far as we know, we did not proactively block.” A CoinMarketCap representative said “no comment”.

In addition to all this,, whose IP access is proactively restricted in China, appears not to be blocked by the firewall on So if popular cryptocurrencies were proactively restricted, they should appear unblocked on the firewall.

Accordingly, both crypto sites may have disappeared in China by now. However, it should be noted that users in China can continue to access two sites by routing through virtual private networks to bypass the firewall.


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