Two Point Campus: how to update the course


Even without investing in any courses, students will still regularly raise their expectations on campus by Two points. They will ask for a different teacher every year or so, more opportunities and better resources. So the game naturally develops.

But this progress is quite slow. Even an amateur player who does not update the courses will be bored and it will be difficult for him to earn enough money. they who really want to master a Two-Point Campus, they will certainly want to upgrade courses at most opportunities.

Getting points for the course

To increase the level of exchange rates, a special type of currency is required, which is called exchange points. Like Kudosh and ordinary money, it is golden in color. Fortunately, instead of being confused with the rest, this currency is tracked on a separate screen.

The tracker in the lower left corner measures the columns until the next influx of course points. It will increase by itself, but to increase it faster to get more points on the course, add rooms, make rooms bigger and increase the number of staff and students. This is a factor to consider when expelling a student; one here and there is fine, but don’t slow down progress by expelling too many.

Advanced training courses

Advanced placement courses can only take effect at the end of the year, so there’s no reason to worry about accumulating too many course points before that time. When that time comes, a hint will appear at the top of the screen. PC players can press “Course Management” and console players press D-Pad. If the wait is too long, speed up the time until the end of the year.

If players already know what they want to improve, this screen will indeed be available until the end of the year, just keep in mind that the effects are postponed until the next school year. In the lower left part there is a button to control the course. Players on consoles can go there by pressing x on the Xbox game controller or square on the Playstation consoles, and then the right bumper.

Two Point Campus is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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