Two Point Campus: how to speed up, pause and slow down time


Pace is a big part of what makes a two-point Campus so delightful. The entire school year takes some time, giving players plenty of time to celebrate successes, recover from disasters, bond with students and staff, and lay the groundwork for the next year.

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Sometimes gamers want to speed up the process, because there is nothing to do. Needs are met, all personal goals are achieved, and they are putting aside funds for the next major investment. In other cases, they will need a second to solve a lot of urgent issues that have arisen simultaneously. Here’s how to learn how to manage time on Campus Two Points.

Pause time

The pause button depends on the device used for the game. PC gamers can simply press the pause button right above the calendar. These are the leftmost buttons if you look at the right side of the interface. Console gamers only need to sync their left thumb.

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A pause is especially useful when there is a lot to do. For example, leaving the game during assembly may cause you to miss the next available time to schedule an event for a student’s personal goal. This makes the game as good as any of the recent simulators that have come out.

Acceleration and deceleration

To the right of the pause button there are icons that indicate how fast the game is going. PC players can simply tap on the desired tempo. Players on consoles can click the right joystick to switch between different speeds.

Slow movement gives immediate benefit from being able to control the action. It’s also good for gamers who want to have steady progress during construction, rather than just sitting around and waiting for their construction to be completed. Acceleration needs to be used when everything is under control, the buildings are built, the campus is happy and it’s time to get to the end of the month or year for the next major payout.

Two Point Campus is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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