Two Point Campus: how to increase the prestige of a room


The prestige of a room is one of the first problems that any manager creates for himself on a Two-Point campus. The beginning of the game, similar to the tutorial, helps players to set the minimum. But it takes a lot more than the minimum to succeed on some challenging campuses.

Janitors are often tasked with keeping some rooms clean (keep this in mind when hiring someone who is a scavenger). But most of the control is completely under the control of the one who creates the room. Here’s how to get those two-digit numbers on campus Two Points.

Make the room big

Size matters when arranging a room. Simply put, a massive room full of emptiness has more prestige than a smaller one. For prestige purposes, it is better to have one large dormitory than fifteen small ones. Some cards that start with problems have exactly this problem.

Keep this in mind when playing at a certain campus for a long time. You can start small and expand later, of course, just leave room for expansion when the time comes. It’s like one of the best recent simulation games when everything is going well. When prestige is low, this feeling is not so rosy.

Improving hygiene, environment and thermal comfort

All three factors are measured on the right when choosing a room. Several cards have an ideal temperature from start to finish. If so, it will be a maximized bar. If not, play around with the radiators until everything turns yellow (not blue or red).

A station with hand sanitizer in every room is a great idea, don’t be afraid to attach it to the door. Invite the janitors who are ready to clean the area, which will naturally become dirty over time. Finally, the ecological bar is dedicated to decorations. Add windows, carpets, lamps, plants, paintings — anything that increases this bar.

Two Point Campus is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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