Two Point Campus: how to get three stars on Lanatra Square


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The first part of this guide will cover the exact requirements for each star. The strategy of conquering Piazza Lanatra will be the second part. While in many walkthroughs each star is considered separately, going back and normalizing the temperature in each room, for example, is very difficult. It is better to know in advance what to do so that the entire campus of two points does not have to be bulldozed and overhauled.

Requirements for Piazza Lanatra
One star

Conduct 10 individual classes Entertainment for students: 70% Let 5 students get a B in gastronomy

Two stars

Campus Level: 12 Have a Level 5 Club Hygiene Rating: 70% Win the culinary tournament of the district

Three stars

Recruit 100 students. Achieve 20 personal goals from chefs. The average score is B+ in gastronomy.

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As always, some of these goals, such as the number of students and the level of the campus, will naturally increase through the expansion and updating of courses. The requirements for entertainment and hygiene are fair and will require some work, the rest can be done with strong classes and teachers.

Three-star strategy

Perhaps half of these goals can be taken care of by doing just two things; raising the prestige of Savory/Sweet Cuisines and having excellent teachers. At the moment, if you are going through a campaign for the first time, training is not yet available. To become better teachers, players must fire anyone below three levels in their field of expertise and hire anyone above that mark. In addition to good grades, it will also lead to victory in culinary competitions.

Entertainment at Freshley Meadows was difficult to organize, but fortunately, gamers now have access to the Student Union. Either make one big one or several smaller ones (one big one is easier for the wallet) and plan a party. This dramatically increases happiness. Complement this by placing slot machines all over the campus from time to time.

And finally, the issue of hygiene. It is very cheap to put hand sanitizer in every room by the door. To keep the campus clean, hire some cleaners. Don’t be afraid to insert them into the most problematic rooms to reach the 70% threshold.

Two Point Campus is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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