Two Point Campus: how to get three stars in Noblesteed


Nobelsted is a campus at two points, but it represents one of the first real hangups for gamers. The space required is huge. Due to the constant sieges, players may be limited in money just trying to keep the campus clean.

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The first part of this guide will cover the exact requirements for each star. The strategy of conquering Noblestad will be the second part. While in many step-by-step guides each star is considered separately, it is very difficult to go back and randomly insert entertainment devices into each room, for example, for 75% happiness. It is better to know in advance what to do so that the entire campus of two points does not have to be bulldozed and overhauled.

Requirements for Noblestad
One star

Knight School Classes: 5 Attractiveness: 75% Knight School Grades B+: 10 Removing Invaders: 15

Two stars

Win the Knight Tournament: 3 Battlefield Level: 5 Knight Field Level: 5 Medical Office Level: 5 Students: 80 Novel Development: 10

Three stars

Campus level: 20. Win the Big Tournament Tournament. Student happiness: 75%. Graduates of the knight school Score “A”: 10.

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Some requirements, such as the number of students and the level of the campus, will be met with almost no effort. Raising the prestige of a room is also a fairly painless process, and bringing rooms up to the fifth level should be a common practice at this stage of the game anyway. Put two benches of love, and ten relationships seem too low for the demands. However, some of them are really difficult to get into without certain tactics.

Three-star strategy

To begin with, when building a campus, make sure that the attractiveness rating of each room is at least 75%. It’s too expensive, so feel free to clutter up a room full of carpets and posters in ridiculous-looking places. For 75% of student happiness, intermittent slot machines and other entertainment products do more than one living room or student union can dream of. Events increase the level of happiness by about 10%, so plan these events more often and set their repetition every year.

About half of these goals, from grades to tournaments, are related to one thing: student performance. To maximize this, make sure you have at least one reliable library in each area, two or three private study offices, and at least five prestige points in each lecture hall, battlefield, and knight field.

By this point, players will finally be able to train employees, which will remain a vital element of success until the end of the game. Every instructor of the Knight School must have at least the fifth level in training, and every janitor must have a security level at least the third.

Two Point Campus is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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