Two Point Campus: how to get kudos quickly


Getting a few Kudosh in Two Point Campus isn’t a hard thing to do. The game is constantly giving out a handful here and there. The problem? Access to all of the cool pieces locked behind the Kudosh currency costs hundreds or even thousands of Kudosh.

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So just a little bit here and there isn’t good enough. With respect to the Bookworms that sometimes give out some when caught or the contests that give ten after an hour or two, this is the best way to get a lump sum of Kudosh in Two Point Campus over a short period of time.

Keep in mind that all of these tips can be done on the same campus and at the same time. There is no either/or situation here; use as many of these tips as possible and it will almost get annoying how much Kudosh must be gathered.

Teach As Many Courses As Possible

Perfectionists will not want to do this; students do better on a campus that has a few specialized subjects than many. But because players get Kudosh from students leveling up in a course, it’s more about quantity than quality.

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Go ahead, get a loan from the bank, and get every course started. Working on all seventeen courses will yield many thousands of Kudosh in the time it takes a single course campus to give players one hundred. Again, this will result in low happiness and some dropouts, but if Kudosh is the goal, this is what to do. Remember that these career goals, once they hit third level, can’t earn any more Kudosh, so only one campus needs to go through this admittedly nightmarish process.

Create All Clubs

Much like the courses, all of these clubs can be done on a single campus. However, as a relief, it’s mostly advantageous to have all these clubs at once. They give students benefits solid benefits that will come into use as they navigate the property.

Collecting five career goals at once will be one of the larger hauls that players can get. When the booths are staffed, it’s simple to set them up and let them do their work; there is not much micromanagement needed. Just be sure to collect the Kudosh after enough students have joined.

Schedule Each Event On Repeat

Students will want movies, films, sports, parties, and music. That’s a lot to try and cram into only a few lounges, fields, and student associations, but even just doing one annually adds up. Some, like the sporting events, will be done in just a few years.

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Others, like the cinema events, should be scheduled two or three times every year. The goal is to have every free moment scheduled with something to do. A gap is a waste of the entire room. Aside from the massive Kudosh from career goals, this will keep the students happy.

Finish All Research

One of the few benefits that transfer from campus to campus is research. If that’s not enough incentive, after researching enough projects, there is some Kudosh waiting at each tier. Research can be pricy, so it’s best to perform this on a campus that is well-off financially.

Never Stop Training

Training is as expensive as research, initially, but it pays for itself in the long haul. And while upgrades and research cost money every time, training is cost-free. That’s the practical reason to train staff all of the time.

Beyond that, there are four categories of career goals that have to do with training: total trained, professors trained, assistants trained, and janitors trained. Get them every member in the queue and watch the Kudosh come flowing in. That’s way faster than identifying and accomplishing any student’s personal goals.

Upgrade All New Equipment

Upgrading needs to be started early when it comes to Kudosh-making. Unlike students and staff which have a never-ending flow, there are usually only a handful of lecterns, hubs, and stations that are permitted to be upgraded.

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Get in the habit of rolling the upgrades into the cost of the room. They’re practically valuable as well as beneficial toward getting Kudosh from the career goal. If the device in question is broken, fix it before getting a maintenance technician over there.

Set Up Love Benches Everywhere

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get Kudosh is by adding a few Love Benches to each area. The career goal only asks that the students fall in love, not that the love is nurtured to its fullest extent. Getting every romance to level ten is fulfilling, but Kudosh only requires puppy love.

Landscape For Fun

One of the simplest career goals to get is the one that involves landscaping. It might sound like it’s going to be expensive because the meter measures by square altered. However, a few of the landscape options are free! Just landscape and then landscape over the top of that. It’s actually free Kudosh in a snap!

Provide Care For Students

The biggie here is to be on a campus where students experience both psychological and physical trauma. Pastoral and medical centers should be constructed and staffed to help students recover from these issues. To maximize the Kudosh career goals, get the assistants trained in the area of their expertise so they can cycle through as many students as possible.

Catch Bookworms

The bookworms themselves, as already mentioned earlier, are not all that valuable. Many don’t yield Kudosh at all and, when they do, it’s nothing to gasp about. But they are free and spawn with regularity around the campus. The real trick is to catch them until maxing out the career goal. After that, grab them when they’re convenient, but there’s no need to go hunting.

Two Point Campus is available now for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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