Two Point Campus: how to get a loan (when to get it)


Not everything goes according to plan on campus Two Points. This is a feature, not a bug. If the game sometimes seems like just a series of disasters, and sometimes a golden age, then this is part of an intriguing design. Managing these ups and downs is an important aspect when it comes to mastering the game.

Some players are so afraid of hard times that they spend almost nothing during the rich months. This makes a Two-Point campus a pretty dull experience, as well as unsustainable; the demands of growth require constant progress. Go ahead and take out a loan when tied to cash.

How to get a loan

Bad luck, natural disasters and the expulsion of too many students can lead to a shortage of money. For PC gamers, just click the money bag icon on the left. For console players, this will be the left button (X on Xbox, square on PlayStation). Then press the right bumper three times and press the joystick to the right once.

In the same menu, players can also repay these credits. The loans will naturally be repaid in a few years, but it’s a good idea to avoid all that extra interest. If gamers have all the infrastructure they can handle, focus on paying off the loans they have received.

When to get a loan

The best time for a tactful loan is at the end of the year. The requirements for the campus will increase in many years and will double when updating courses. Of course, players can refuse to upgrade and slow down their progress, but on more complex maps this is almost a fatal mistake.

The goal is to make the loan pay for itself. If it attracts more students, then the tuition fees will be higher. If it improves the experience or training of employees and students, it means higher grades and, again, will lead to more money. It’s all about the return on investment. At this time, take out a loan, stop the flow of time, create property and reap the benefits.

Two Point Campus is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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