Two Point Campus: how to deal with the negative trait of bin blindness


The Bean-Blindness trait is one of the biggest curses on the entire Two-Point campus. All it takes is a handful of students and staff with the attribute to turn the campus into a giant pile of garbage. And cleaning it up as soon as it gets bad is expensive, often on the verge of ruining the bank.

So how do players relate to the Bean-Blindness trait? It cannot be avoided, but it can be mitigated. There is a way to stay on top and ensure that these few bugs don’t completely ruin the whole two-point Campus experience. Take a few measures and prepare for the school to look perfect.

Do not hire employees with a character trait

A few students with this trait won’t be able to completely ruin the whole game, so don’t start excluding students with binary blindness unless the problem becomes too serious. The staff, on the other hand, the players get control. Don’t hire anyone with the Bean-Blindness trait.

After graduation, time moves forward, so there is no need to hire a good employee with Bin-Blindness. Wait alone without him. Even if they are not of such a high level, that’s what training is for. If applications arrive too slowly, speed up the time during the summer holidays.

Train fast wipers with the help of aerodynamics

While every employee can benefit from the “Fast” trait, cleaners get the most out of it. Teachers and assistants often spend a lot of time in one place, while cleaners are constantly moving from place to place.

In addition to being fast, training cleaners up to the tenth level in aerodynamics turns them into a blur on the screen, collecting garbage at a speed that is difficult for the eye to follow. Training of all staff is the key to success, well-trained cleaners can do the work of a full staff with half the number of employees.

Insert the staff of Bin-Blindness into a small room

If the presence of personnel with the Bean-Blindness trait is simply unavoidable or it’s too late, don’t worry. Besides prevention, damage containment is the next best task, and several employees can easily get compensation from the aforementioned cleaners.

When dealing with a professor, assign him to a private study room or research laboratory. Place assistants in the student union, library or medical office. In any case, food, drinks and toilets should be nearby so that they minimize debris in the hallway.

Two Point Campus is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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