Two Point Campus: A Guide to Film Events


Funny Movie Romantic Movie Horror Movie Western Action Movie Science Fiction

Players can host multiple events at the Two Point campus. Events are important for several reasons. They offer entertainment, which is important for students to be satisfied. Happy students are more likely to continue their studies without dropping out, and they are more likely to succeed academically. They can also give certain positive effects, such as increased happiness, movement speed, and learning speed.

If the players have a lecture hall, they can arrange film screenings for students with the help of the department. Film screenings at the Two Point campus last 15 days, so this is a fairly short class to increase the level of happiness of students. They vary slightly in both prices and rewards, and it’s a good idea to alternate movie nights during the school year.

Funny movie

Requirements: Department Awards: +20% happiness, entertainment Duration: 15 days Cost: $ 4,000.

A funny movie gives a decent increase in happiness and entertains. This is one of the first movie events that players discover in the game, and it’s one of the cheapest ways to make students happy (which is important: proper financial management is a big part of success on the Two Point campus).

The film itself is a silly farce comedy, and the students will leave a little happier, so this is a worthy event that can be held when the lecture halls are not used for educational purposes. This is also a “Romantic Movie” — a cheap alternative to Student Union parties, and the duration of 15 days does not take too much time to study.

Romantic movie

Requirements: Department Awards: +20% happiness, entertainment Duration: 15 days Cost: $ 4,000.

A romantic film increases the level of happiness and entertains students in between classes. The story seems to be a conversation between a man and a woman during dinner. What happens between them is a complete mystery as the players don’t hear the storyline, but it seems to make the students happy enough. (Players can always speed up the time if they want to skip it.)

A romantic movie is identical to a Fun Movie in terms of buffs, so players can alternate them if they want. Students won’t get bored if they watch the same movie twice, so it doesn’t seem to matter.

Horror Movie

Requirements: Department Awards: +20 happiness, energy Duration: 15 days Event cost: $4000.

“Horror Movie” offers a fun haven for overworked students, and it’s worth continuing if students start to feel tired. Like a comedy movie and a romantic movie, it increases happiness by 20%, but also gives energy. Energy is important, and students will need it to complete their studies. They usually recover energy by going to bed, but a horror movie might provide that instead.

It’s also quite fun to watch students watch a scary zombie movie.


Requirements: Awards for the department: +20% happiness, Energy Duration: 15 days Event cost: $ 4,000.

A Western movie is identical to a horror movie when it comes to bonuses: students get a 20% increase in Happiness and a decent increase in Energy. This is a good event that can be arranged when students begin to get tired of combining study, communication and achieving personal goals. Energy is required to cope with long lectures and written assignments.

This is an ordinary cowboy movie, and judging by their applause at the end, the students seem to like it!

Action movie

Requirements: Department awards: +20% to happiness, +10% to movement speed. Duration: 15 days. The cost of the event: $ 5,000.

The action movie is slightly different from cheaper movies in that it not only increases happiness, but also adds a buff + 10% to the movement speed. These are decent bonuses, so it’s worth spending a little more so that students can switch between classes faster. Movement speed is important because students who can complete more tasks are more likely to get good grades (and therefore more likely to graduate). This, combined with the Walking Club, can make a big difference to students as they move around campus.

It is also interesting to watch a strange fascinating 15-day scene in which a man in dark glasses rides a motorcycle.

Sci-Fi movie

Requirements: Department awards: +20% to happiness, +10% to learning speed. Duration: 15 days. The cost of the event: $ 6000.

The sci-fi movie has some of the most useful buffs that players can get from movie events. This gives students a standard positive effect of +20% happiness, as well as a +10% increase in their learning rate. Learning speed is important for obvious reasons: students who want to study well must have a decent learning rate in order to pass classes. The learning rate can fluctuate and depends on their mood, so it’s worth investing in this double increase.


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