Two Point Campus: 9 fun activities in Sandbox mode


Sandbox mode is pretty easy to unlock on the Two Point campus, and it gives players a lot more freedom when it comes to creating the campus of their dreams. With four different modes, it sets new challenges for experienced players and removes restrictions for players who want a more relaxing experience.

In Sandbox mode, players can do so many fun things. From creating a wild party campus to creating a collage of a knight, wizard and athlete school, Sandbox mode expands the Two Point campus far beyond the main game. Here are just some of the things that players can enjoy in this mode.

9 Choose any campus

To unlock the Sandbox mode, players must earn one star at the Noblestede Campus, the fourth level of the game. Once this is unlocked, players will have access to any university in the game in sandbox mode.

This means that even if players haven’t unlocked all the levels yet, they can still access them right away. They can use the tools provided by the Sandbox mode to jump into some of the more challenging universities in the game, including the challenging Breaking Point.

8 Choose any combination of classes

In normal game mode, players need to choose their courses carefully. The more courses players offer, the greater the requirements for a university campus. As with any Two Point game, spending too early will create a lot of problems later, even with careful credit management.

However, the creative mode gives players virtually unlimited starting money. This means that they can create large integrated campuses with all kinds of courses available. Train wizards, spies, and knights all at once. Why not?

7 Create your own tests

Players can choose a custom mode that gives them access to the following settings:

Set custom Cash and Kudosh levels
Set your own income multiplier and monthly allowance
Set the campus temperature and course points
Install building modifiers (plots, items, upgrades, room and staff settings)
Set types of goals (none, diversity, academic, financial, social, and staff)
Switching staff requests, VIP visits, natural disasters, and invader trials

This mode allows players to create their own challenges down to the smallest detail. Do you want to create an ice school of magic Spiffinmoor with a lot of courses and little money? This is possible in user mode (although it may not be the best idea).

6 Remove unpredictable elements

Using the user mode, players can remove all game elements that interfere with the work. Think about VIP visits, natural disasters, problems and staff requests. This makes the game a little easier, but at the same time provides a certain level of difficulty (depending on other settings chosen by the player).

In addition, players can leave all these elements in place or simply remove some of them. For example, if players really don’t like random disasters, they can delete them, but leave everything else in place.

5 Play in challenging mode

Challenge Mode is a two—point campus for experts! Managing finances is difficult in the main game, and even more so in the test mode. Players will:

Start with $150,000 and 30 course points
There are more tasks to earn money every month
You’ll have to unlock items and upgrades with Kudosh and Research.

Very stressful, but quite useful. This mode is definitely for finalizers out there.

4 Enjoy unlimited funds in creative mode

If players want to create the university of their dreams without worrying about finances, this mode is the best choice. This includes:

Virtually unlimited funds and course points
It’s easier to make money every month
Everything is unlocked from the very beginning

One of the main frustrations when launching a new level in the main game is the inability to immediately create the most logical layout. This obstacle is eliminated in creative mode, so players can design a campus that makes sense without worrying about waiting for money to arrive (or taking out expensive loans).

3 Design non-standard buildings

The Two Point Campus allows players to create their own campus buildings. They can be of any size and shape and can contain any room. This, along with the ability to create custom-shaped rooms, means that players have the opportunity to create a campus from scratch.

This is useful on some levels, such as Urban Bungle, where there are 10 plots to choose from in different sizes and shapes.

2 Focus on student happiness

In the main game, increasing the happiness of students is not always the top priority. Budget management, updating courses, keeping staff happy, completing training, and discovering new items and improvements are also at the top of the list (as well as dealing with random waves of invaders and handling VIP visits).

In the Sandbox mode (especially in the creative mode), attention can be focused on the students’ experience.


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