Two new types of coronavirus have been detected in China


Two new types of coronavirus have been detected in China. As the epidemic of COVID-19, which has become a global panelem, continues, there is news that can be described as bad from China. According to the information announced, two new types of coronavirus were found in pangolines.

As the coronavirus epidemic continues to affect the whole world, new news about this virus has also begun to come from China . According to the explanations , two new viruses like coronavirus have been detected in Pangolins .

A horseshoe bat colony in Yunnan province of China was cited as the source of COVID-19 . However, scientists will find these explanations inconsistent that studies on the outbreak arising from other animals are also continuing rapidly. The coronavirus epidemic, which has become a powerful catalyst , has managed to eliminate many underground markets and various exotic meat supply channels . However, despite all this struggle, it was thought that different sources of COVID-19 could also be available, and there were also fears.

Large outbreaks may occur in the coming years

Six coronavirus RNA samples were found in the frozen tissues of 18 malay pangolin seized by Guangxi customs in 2017 . In another pangolin meat party, three more samples were found from 2018 . Finally, virus traces very similar to COVID-19 were detected in pangolines seized at the beginning of 2019 . According to the data, it was explained that the genome sequences of all samples were 85.5 to 92.4 percent similar to COVID-19. It is stated that one of these similarities, even the appearance of spikes called ” crown “, is exactly the same .

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It is not possible to say that this development was a surprise. Because scientists have stated that COVID-19 is not unique, but a member of a large family of viruses that will threaten humanity in the future . Chinese authorities, on the other hand , need to carefully monitor the potential carriers of these two new types of coronavirus, which may cause major outbreaks in the future, and take strict measures in this direction .


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