Two New Subtypes of Coronavirus Mutated Detected

Chinese scientists made a frightening statement while the Coronavirus continues to spread at full speed. Scientists who said that the Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, mutated as a result of their research, announced that they detected two types of new viruses called “L” and “S”.

The Coronavirus , which originated in Wuhan, China and spread all over the world , continues to die. As of today, the virus, which was found to be infected by 95 thousand 425 people, cost the lives of 3.286 people. While 53 thousand 307 of the detected cases managed to get rid of the virus, the situation of 38 thousand 832 people remains uncertain for now .

All countries around the world are trying to fight the Coronavirus completely. However, the measures taken may not be sufficient due to the virus not working for at least 14 days or delay the intervention in time. This causes the virus to burst suddenly.

While people’s anxiety about the Coronavirus has reached its maximum, a new statement from Chinese scientists has gotten even more fear. Because, according to Chinese scientists, the new Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has mutated . Scientists, who stated that the Coronavirus recently created 149 mutation points, explained that the virus mutated into two subspecies called “L” and “S” .

Scientists who have been researching new species of the mutated Coronavirus have come to stunning results. Stating that L-type and S-type Coronavirus have serious differences in spreading to humans and in the geographical areas in which they are seen, scientists emphasized that S-type Coronavirus is an older version and L-type Coronavirus has a more contagious and aggressive structure.

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According to the statements made by Chinese scientists, the L type of Coronavirus was common in the early stages of the virus. However, as of the end of January, there has been a serious decrease in the spread rate of the L type Coronavirus. According to scientists, this type of virus needs to be urgently intervened because it increases the rate of virus spread if not treated.

Thorough understanding of the Coronavirus subtypes detected by the scientists and it suited to be found in the way of treatment. Stating that different treatment methods are important in the fight against Coronavirus, scientists believe that the right treatment can weaken this virus epidemic.



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