Two new, previously unknown symptoms of coronavirus appeared


The new type of coronavirus, which continues to spread without slowing down, was found to show symptoms such as coordination and speech disorder in addition to symptoms such as high fever, cough and headache.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which continues to spread rapidly all over the world, has infected more than 1.7 million people in the past 4 months. In this process, scientists doing research about the virus are explaining the new signs of Covid-19 every day. Finally, as a result of a research conducted by the American Medical Association, 2 new symptoms were detected in patients who had Covid-19.

According to the research published in the medical journal named JAMA Neulogy, some of the Chinese patients who have suffered Covid-19 have been observed to have observed conditions such as coordination and speech disorder in addition to the symptoms known so far. Experts who followed the data of 214 people in the city of Wuhan, the starting point of the coronavirus, confirmed that 36 percent of the people suffering from coronavirus had neurological sepmtomas, with 46 percent of those suffering from the disease.

In these new symptoms, blood circulation disorder, confusion and muscle weakness were observed in the patients’ brain. Apart from these symptoms, it was stated that the patients also showed symptoms such as fever, cough and headache from the known symptoms of coronavirus.

Most cases and deaths in coronavirus in the USA
With each passing day, the country where the Covid-19 pandemic, which we learned more about, showed the most impact was the USA. In the U.S. tests so far, 519,453 people’s coronavirus tests were positive. This number is 3 times more than Spain, where the most coronavirus cases are seen after the USA. The U.S. has also ranked first in the number of deaths besides the number of cases. It has been announced that 20,071 people have died in the country so far.


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