Two New Metal Slug Games Coming to Consoles and Mobile Devices


Metal Slug, which has swept a period with its classic arcade games, has appeared with new games over the years. SNK has announced that after a long break, it will add two new games to the series.

Metal Slug series was one of the indispensable cooperative action games of arcade halls in the 90s. Over the years, new Metal Slug games have also been moved to modern consoles and mobile devices. Now, SNK is getting ready to add new games to the series after a long wait.

SNK Interactive announced that it will release two new Metal Slug games in 2020. One of the games will be developed for consoles, while the other will come to mobile devices. Both games are currently being developed by SNK in Japan and will be released separately from the Metal Slug series developed by Timi Studio, owned by Tencent.

A card-style mobile game will be added to the Metal Slug series

SNK stated that 80% of the new mobile game to come to the Metal Slug series has been completed and will be a 2D card style game to be released on both Apple and Android. Beyond that, the developer didn’t give more information about the game. Perhaps it may have cards that give mobile game boosts and extra abilities, or the cards can be used as weapons. It can be said that the new game will be definitely different from the tower defense game Metal Slug Attack.

Classic Metal Slug experience will turn to consoles

No details about the new Metal Slug game coming to the console have been revealed. It is said that the game will have a run-and-gun style with a classic side camera angle as in the previous games of the series. Jeon Se-hwan, CEO of SNK Interactive, stated that mobile and console games are targeting the 10-20 age group and 30-40 age group markets, respectively. SNK plans to develop multiple games every year to increase the value of Metal Slug.


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