Two new features planned to come to Instagram


While Instagram expands its domain with millions of active users every day, it continues to bring new features to users. From what an app developer discovered, Instagram seems to gain two new features.

While the first of these is a label that shows the cooperation between people, another is on the side of stories. This feature basically includes the stories of the people you follow not being sent as messages when you react with emoji. Here are the details of the new features:

Instagram could gain two new features

Instagram previously announced plans to introduce three new features for live streams. After that, application developer Alessandro Paluzzi shared the new features that Instagram is working on via his Twitter account.


The first of these features is about the expression you leave to the story of the person you follow. Normally, when you leave a statement to a person’s story, it goes to the other party as a message. Instagram, who wants to prevent this, will now allow you to leave an expression without sending a message.

In addition, another feature that Instagram works on is the collaboration tag. Brands and different Instagram accounts can collaborate among themselves.

It seems like Instagram will bring a new hashtag to the platform to express this and let people know about it to their followers. We do not know if these two features will reach the end user. Some of these features are offered to the user in beta tests, but may not reach the end user at all.

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