Two New Champions Can Be Added to Apex Legends in Season 4


Apex Legends, which debuted last year and is preparing to enter its fourth season next week, seems to be able to surprise players. Some watchful players who watched the developer broadcast last night found important information about the two champions to be added to the game.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends has managed to increase its popularity after its release last year. Some information about the 4th season of the game, which is currently in the 3rd season, has started to come.

After dozens of things said about season 4, Respawn Entertainment gave information about the new season in the developer broadcast last night. Respawn Entertainment said that a new champion will be added to the game as every season.

Two champions can come to Apex Legends:
Respawn said that we will face a new champion in season 4, but this champion pointed to a champion out of players’ predictions. The developer company announced that Forge will be added to the game instead of the Revenant that players have been waiting for.

Based on what you have heard, you may think that Revenant will not come to Apex Legends, but there is still hope for this champion. Players have discovered an image that shows the exact model of Revenant on EA’s own site. You can see the image shared on Reddit below.

However, Apex Legends players did not lose hope from Revenant and continued their research. As a result of this effort, the players have reached another clue. Again, a detail allegedly owned by Revenant appeared in an image shared on Reddit. This detail was a cross-section from yesterday’s broadcast.

Whether Revenant will be added to the game with Forge or after Forge is unclear at the moment, but there is something we know that the fact that the long-awaited champion Revenant will be added to the game.

Season 4 of Apex Legends coincides with the first birthday of the game. Therefore, the producer company can add Forge and Revenant to the game at the same time by making a surprise to the players in honor of the first birthday of the game. Of course, since everything we say about Revenant is a claim, otherwise it should not be surprising.


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