Two ICE Actions Putting Thousands Danger of Deportation


The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office is implementing two new rules that put thousands of people in danger of deportation.

1. Find those who promised to leave

The immigration agency is looking for undocumented immigrants who signed voluntary departure orders, but remained in the United States.

According to a draft of the plan obtained by CNN, immigration officials will carry out intelligence work to search and capture the offenders.

It should be remembered that most of these people are locatable, due to the information they provided to the agency and, if they have moved, their data could appear in other databases, including police, license registration, federal programs of help, etcetera.

Because they breached an agreement, these immigrants face a final order of deportation, experts say.

2. Expedited deportations

ICE also resumed the accelerated deportation plan, which allows to detain any undocumented immigrant in the country and process their expulsion if they do not show that they have been in the United States for more than two years.

This policy applies up to 100 miles from the borders, but the new guidelines endorse actions at the national level.

The rule was launched in July 2019 and after court battles, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) received the go-ahead to enforce it, although it delayed it for a few months.

ICE says this measure will allow it to detain more “criminal immigrants” in addition to enforcing immigration laws, said Tony Pham, acting director of the agency.

The only ones who will not be deported in this way will be unaccompanied immigrant children.

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What to do

Activists and immigration lawyers suggest immigrants to put together an action plan in the face of the new ICE measures.

  • It is important to save to pay a deposit, since it must be in cash
  • Contact or hire an attorney
  • Always carry a telephone number where you can ask for help in case of arrest
  • Prepare documents that grant power of attorney to relatives or trusted people
  • Prepare legal custody of your children


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