Two Headed Snakes Shown in India Concerned the Regional People (Video)


Indian photographer Rakesh Mohalick managed to view a two-headed snake in India’s Dhenkikot forest. Mohalick explained that both heads of the two-headed snake are running for food separately.

Interesting looking animals have found wide coverage in epics and mythological stories throughout history. Snakes are also among the most important animals in the leading roles of these stories and epics.

However, scary and interesting looking snakes are not only featured in mythological stories and epics. In recent days, a double-headed snake has been displayed in India, which does not look mythological drawings with its appearance.

Indian photographer Rakesh Mohalick met a snake with two heads as he wandered to take pictures in the forest of Keonjhar in Odisha state of India. Discovering the snake with a surprising appearance, Mohalick hurriedly took photos and video of the snake.

Commenting on the two-headed snake, Mohalick said that the snake belongs to a species known as a wolf snake. The two-headed snake, discovered by Mohalick, has two separate heads, 14 cm long and full of organs.

Rakesh Mohalick explained that both heads of the wolf snake are moving independently. Mohalick also added that the two heads competed for food. The Indian photographer added that such creatures have a serious advantage to survive in the wild.

Two-headed animals are actually seen from time to time in different parts of the world. However, in many cultures, two-headed animals are accepted as harbingers of great disasters. This is the reason why these animals are in epics and mythological stories.

Video of the two-headed snake:


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