TWO FACES? Prince Harry Tells How Kate Middleton Has Come to Terms With The Fact That Meghan Markle Is Crying, and Has Not Done Anything Publicly About It


There seems to be no end to the drama of tears between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Before the royal wedding in 2018, the graduate of Force Majeure was severely beaten, as reports that she made the future Queen consort cry went viral on social networks. However, in her explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey two years ago, Markle denied the rumors. She told how the media completely manipulated the incident.

In his shocking memoirs, Prince Harry also spoke in detail about the incident. The Duke explained that the main reason for the feud was the baggy dress of Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid. Because of the poor fit, Kate Middleton wanted all six bridesmaids’ dresses to be sewn just four days before the wedding. The whims of the Princess of Wales led Meghan Markle to stress, and she burst into tears. Meanwhile, the sensational episode did not end there, as the former actress had a confrontation with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle excited Kate Middleton with her question

The infamous crying incident occurred in May 2018, but it took Kate Middleton more than six months to acknowledge the negative stories circulating in the media about Meghan Markle. As Page Six mentions, in his book, Prince Harry spoke in detail about the meeting he and his wife had with Prince William and the Princess of Wales in December 2018. During the summit, Middleton quickly admitted her mistake, saying, “I know, Megan, that I made you cry.”

The apology came as a great relief to both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, Markle was upset by the incorrect tabloid coverage. The Duchess couldn’t resist asking Prince William and Kate Middleton about why their office didn’t side with her amid all the negativity. The real question of the former actress confused the future queen consort. Meanwhile, the then Duke of Cambridge tried to repair the damage by saying words of support.

Speaking about the same thing in the book, Prince Harry mentioned how he knew the Palace would never take a stand. They wouldn’t jeopardize Middleton’s reputation by emphasizing her less-than-gracious behavior. “But I already knew the truth. No one in the Palace could call the correspondent, because that would cause the inevitable remark: “Well, if the story is wrong, then what is the real story?” mentioned the Duke of Sussex.

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