Two dead and 14 injured in shooting in New York state


At least two people were killed after being shot at a garden party in New York State.

14 other people were injured in the incident.

Called police officers found more than 100 people at the scene.

Rochester. Two people were shot dead and 14 others injured at a backyard party in New York State. The dead are a man and a woman who were in their early twenties at most, the acting chief of police of Rochester, Mark Simmons, said on Saturday. Details still need to be clarified. Suspects have not yet been captured. You don’t even know whether it was one or more shooters.

Simmons said that when the gunshots rang out less than half an hour after midnight, about 100 people were gathered. They ran apart, with two other injuries. According to the information, none of the injured was in mortal danger

Rochester has become known in the past few days for protests over the death of the black Daniel Prude, who suffered respiratory failure in March after police officers put a spit guard on him and pressed him to the ground.

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