Two days after the debut game: a German NFL player is released!


Dominique Eberle (26 years old) definitely imagined things differently. In fact, things went very well for a football player playing as a kicker. On September 9, he signed with the Detroit Lions of the NFL. Due to the injury of the main kicker, he was even included in the current squad. But two days after his debut, his big dream was shattered again.

Dominic performed poorly in a game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Although the Nuremberg native scored from the game, but his team failed to score two additional points — this is considered one of the easiest tasks in American football. Then his team took the consequences: The Lions released the 26-year-old player.

“No excuses, I just wasn’t good enough on Sunday,” Dominic tweeted after the game. — Sometimes it happens. Of course, it’s disappointing, and no one can handle it more than me.” Despite everything, the footballer looks positively to the future: “No matter what happens, I am always grateful for this path and for everything that I have managed to survive now, it is just beginning!”


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