Two brand new features for WhatsApp


Many new features are coming for WhatsApp. WhatsApp, which has been reported to gain new features that have been spoken for a while, will offer a better experience to its users in this way. First of all, what are the new WhatsApp features? If you will say: WhatsApp Web version comes with fingerprint scanning feature and the ability to freely set the background in conversations. Here are the details of the features:

WhatsApp new features and details

WhatsApp, which has come to the fore with the feature that it has recently shelved, is now coming back to the agenda with two new features. The first of these features is the feature of logging in to WhatsApp with the fingerprint reader that came to the Android side in 2019, the unlocking feature is coming for the WhatsApp Web version.

This feature, which has been tested for a stronger and more secure login, is being tested to provide an alternative to the feature that enables login with the built-in QR code used in the WhatsApp Web version.


With a new update to the Android beta version of WhatsApp, it is preparing to re-activate the wallpaper customization feature for the popular application.

Although it is currently unknown when the feature is currently under development will be available, this new feature will allow the chat backgrounds to be customized. Thanks to the mentioned feature of WhatsApp, users will be able to adjust the opacity of the wallpaper they choose.


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